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About the Firm

When choosing the right Texas attorney to fit your needs, the most important factors to consider are trust, passion and results.
Trust and a reputation for honesty are essential. You want enthusiastic representation. And you want results. You deserve straight talk and honest answers to your questions and a lawyer who will help you through difficult situations Texans have put their trust in Attorney Aaron A. Herbert to represent them and their loved ones for over a decade. Aaron Herbert has earned this trust by practicing law with the highest ethical standards in the legal profession. His firm's extraordinary results are achieved through a combination of experience, skill, hard work, integrity and compassion. You can rest assured that your legal matter will be handled with the utmost in professionalism and care.

You Should Call Us Because:

  • Once you talk to us, you will trust us. If we can not gain your trust, you will not hire us and we will not represent you. Trust must come first.
  • We will passionately represent you. We love representing our clients and each of our clients deserve to win. If we are not passionate about you and your case or if we don’t think you deserve to win, we will not represent you.
  • We get results.
If you need legal help, please give us a call, or feel free to submit your issue here and we will get back to you right away. We are available 24/7 to explain your rights and discuss your claims in a free consultation. Si’ Habla Espanol. Call 855-655-HURT (4878) or contact Mr. Herbert via email at

Awards, Memberships. Accolades & Recognition

Of course we think our law firm is great. We're humbled that other people agree. Our firm and attorneys have garnered such a wide array of memberships and honors that even we find it hard to explain -- so much talent and accomplishment in such a relatively small place.Our greatest accomplishments have been earned fighting to protect the legal rights of our clients.
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